Central South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd (CSADI), founded in 1952, is one of the earliest established comprehensive architectural design institutes in China. It is one of the "Top 100 Survey and Design Enterprises in China" and "100 Contemporary Chinese Architectural Designs".In 2020, it was known as “Chinese Contractors 80th and Engineering Design Enterprises 60th" by the United States “Engineering News Record” (ENR), and awarded the honorary titles of "National Advanced Group in Combating the Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic" and "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization".

CSADI insists on the core of architecture and planning design, and focuses on providing customers with the whole process technology and management services for construction projects, providing the society with special and whole process engineering technology and management services such as architectural design, urban planning, municipal engineering, various engineering special design and consultation, BIM design and consultation, green technology design and consultation, engineering survey and geotechnical engineering, engineering consultation and project planning, project management and engineering supervision, special design and construction integration and general contracting, etc. with high quality and high efficiency.

  • 2929 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions
  • 2121 countries, regions
  • 10000+Completed more than 10000 engineering designs
  • 500+Excellent design award and technology progress award

As a high-tech enterprise and intelligence intensive enterprise, the company will talent as the core resources of enterprise development, is committed to stimulate awareness of talent innovation culture and innovation vitality, provide a good platform for talents, attracting a large number of high-end talent, build a high-quality professional technical and management team.

Over the past 60 years, the company always adhere to the excellent architectural design works and provide first-class technical services for the society, won a good social reputation, and gradually formed a "core values of innovation and creativity, sincerity to fine" and "service China, go global" development goals. More than 10000 projects have been completed in 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 21 countries and regions, and over 500 projects have been awarded the national, provincial and provincial excellent design awards and technological progress awards. In 2009, the company designed the Guangdong Science Center, Hubei Provincial Museum, YanAn Railway Station, Shenzhen China World Trade Center center, Yellow Crane Tower, the Wuhan opera won the 60th anniversary Architectural Award, the Guangdong Science Center also won the national excellent engineering design award and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) 100 years of major construction project award; 2015, XiaMen North Railway Station the project won the international recognition of bridge and structural engineering industry's highest award, the International Association for bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) outstanding structure Award (Finalist).

The company has always attached importance to technological innovation and design creativity. We must adhere to the market orientation and technology as the core, create first-class works, create first-class talents and provide first-class services, so as to push forward the development of China's building technology and build beautiful China.

development path





    Xiamen North Railway Station won "Award for Outstanding Structural Engineering by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering;


    The company was moved to the tower of Research and Design Center of Zhongtong Research Institute

    Central-Southern China Engineering Consulting and Design Group Co., Ltd becomes an important member of the Group upon its official establishment

    The company won "Award for Best BIM Application Enterprise" in "Imagine Cup" BIM Design and Application Competition organized by China Engineering & Consulting Association;

    Key technologies relating to appropriate degree of vibration and their application used in designing "high-speed railway station with a 'combined bridge and station structure' " hosted by the company won the First Prize of Award for Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province;


    The company was awarded "Excellent Innovative Enterprise" by China Engineering & Consulting Association

    The company was also awarded "National Advanced Enterprise Engaging in Engineering & Consulting" by MOHURD;

    Guangdong Science Center won "Award for One-Century Excellent Architectures" by FIDIC;

    Hangzhou East Railway Station, one of the nine junction stations in China designed by the company, was officially opened for traffic on July 1st


    The company was rated as one of "China's 100 Leading Contemporary Architectural Design Institutes" by Architectural Society of China

    The company was listed as "The Top 60 Chinese Contractors and the Top 60 Chinese Design Firms" by Engineering New-Record (ENR);

     The company successfully celebrated its 60th anniversary



    The company was awarded "National Integrity Unit in Architectural Design Industry" by China Engineering & Consulting Association

    The company was authorized to design the expansion project of Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution, the only international integrated military museum of large scale


    The company was authorized to design Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Terminal 3, the largest airport hub in central China


    The company was renamed Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd

    The company was authorized to design Nanchang West Railway Station, an integrated transportation hub of large scale in China

    "Yellow Crane Tower", "Wuhan Opera House", "Guangdong Science Center", "Expansion Project of Hubei Museum", "Shenzhen World Trade Center" and "Yan'an Railway Passenger Station" designed by the company won awards in "Architectural Creation Award of Architectural Society of China in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the PRC"


    The company was commissioned to design "National Stadium of Costa Rica", China's first foreign-aid project in Central American regions as well as an integrated stadium in the highest level of modernization in Central American regions up to now

    The company was authorized to design Xi'an North Railway Station, one of the nine transportation hubs in China as well as the largest railway station with the most passenger lines and the largest scale of station yard in China

    The company was authorized to design Hangzhou East Railway Station, one of the nine transportation hubs in China


    The company was authorized to design Zhengzhou East Railway Station, one of the nine transportation hubs in China

    "Wuhan Green Garden Residence Community" designed by the company was granted "The 6th Zhan Tianyou Grand Prize for Civil Engineering" by China Civil Engineering Society



    The company was awarded "Excellent Institute in Engineering and Consulting" by China Engineering & Consulting Association

    The company was titled "National Advanced Enterprise in Architectural Technology Innovation during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period" by MOHURD

    The company was authorized to design Changsha South Railway Station, an junction station of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Line and Shanghai-Kunming Railway Line


    Hu Jintao, the then General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chinese President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited Wuhan Green Garden Residence Community designed by the company

    The company was authorized to design Yan'an Railway Station, which opened the glorious journey of railway station design


    The company won the bid to design the global science museum--Guangdong Science Center in an international architectural design bidding



    Ding Guangen, the then member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and the chief of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, visited the reconstruction works of Yellow Crane Tower


    The company passed ISO 9001 Quality Authentication

    The company was titled "National Advanced Unit in Engineering Construction Management";



    Yang Shangkun, the then Chinese President, visited Wuhan East Lake Scenic Spot of Chu Culture designed by the company


    Yuan Peihuang of our company was titled "Nation Survey and Design Master"


    The company was approved to carry out national economic and technical cooperation by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C.


    The company was listed as "Top 100 Institutes for Overall Strength in Survey and Design" by MOHURD and National Bureau of Statistics of the P.R.C.



    The company received "Certificate of Total Quality Management for Survey and Design Institutes" issued by MOHURD


    Huang Yaoshen, the former Chief Engineer, was awarded the honorary title of "National Survey and Design Master"


    "Phase I Reconstruction Project of Yellow Crane Tower" won "Silver Medal of National Quality Engineering Award"


    The company was renamed Central-South Architectural Design Institute, with the Chief assuming overall responsibility for the work of the Institute



    The company was selected as "Pilot of National Architectural Design Unit to Implement Total Quality Management" by MOHURD

    The company was authorized to design "Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport International Terminal", which opened the glorious journey of designing airport terminals



    The company was authorized to design "Shenzhen World Trade Center", the first super high-rise building in China



    The company was renamed Hubei Industrial Architecture Design Institute



    The company assigned a design team to carry out design work for over 20 branches of Second Automobile Works Co. , making great contributions to third-line construction and the development of automobile industry


    The company undertook a group of design works for national key projects in large-scale construction period, such as Wuhan Boiler Factory, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant and so on, making great contributions to the construction of socialist industrialization in China



    Chairman Mao met our former Chief Engineer Wang Du in Wuhan


    The company was renamed China Industrial Construction Design Institute


    The company's predecessor--Design Division of Ministry of Construction under Military and Political Committee was established


  • The 2015 international bridge and Structural Engineering Association (IABSE) Award for the outstanding structural engineering of the XiaMen North Railway Station

  • Guangdong Science Center won the 2014 international advisory engineer Federation (FIDIC) 100 year major architectural outstanding award

  • Best BIM Application Enterprise Award

  • China Survey and Design Association "innovative and excellent enterprise"

  • National integrity unit of architectural design industry

  • Advanced enterprises in national engineering survey and design

  • National excellent survey and Design Institute

  • The Contemporary Architectural Design Institute Chinese 100

  • Chinese contractors and engineering design enterprises double 60

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